From November 2018, the new runner development training camp “Running Development Camp KENYA” (common name: RDC KENYA) will start in the Kenya Republic. It will be run by Yuki Yagi who is a professional runner himself, he is also the representative director of OFFICE YAGI Co Ltd.

Yagi found several issues in Kenya when he spent 2 and a half month
for his training from Jan 2018. Issues such as,
– insufficient nutrition due to the problem of poverty in Kenya
– training not matching individual ability / strength
– No race opportunities even though their competitive skills are high enough.

They did not have opportunities to enter races and I saw various issues that were stopping that. At the same time by utilizing our own experiences and networks it is possible to solve those problems, and as a result we are convinced that it will be possible to train Kenyan runners who are full of potential and create opportunities to participate and race. That’s when I came to establish RDC KENYA. We will also utilize the knowledge and expertise gained at the sports gym SPORTS SCIENCE LAB produced by ourselves, aiming to be the world’s top running team centering on Kenyans runners, as a breeding training camp which has not been seen in the past.

Mr Yagi the representative of RDC said, “After training in Kenya for two and a half months, I can see the troubles and problems of the Kenyan runner with my own eyes. I communicated directly with them, I could see they are great runners, but the lack of nutrition due to poverty, the absence of opportunities to participate in the race are the same as other athletes, Which causes stress and pain as a runner. The Kenyan runner could have a competitive life in the right environment, not only for himself. That is why I decided to start this project, thinking that we would create more smiles on the faces of the people of Kenya, which is the circumstances leading to the establishment of RDC.

At RDC KENYA, we are currently constructing camps and recruiting camp members for the start of the project, and we are looking for sponsor companies for this project in addition to already established partner companies.

RDC KENYA aims to be the best running team in the world by being the winners of the world’s major races.
Please refer to the RDC KENYA press release below.

PRESS RELEASE “Training camp RDC KENYA founded”

Contact point
OFFICE YAGI Co., Ltd. Mr Yagi
TEL: 03-6431-0580
MAIL: info@run-dev-camp.com