/RDC KENYA Camping Site Construction Part 2

RDC KENYA Camping Site Construction Part 2

The construction of the camp ground is progressing nicely. However sometimes because of the weather being bad and raining for a day or two the road conditions become very bad and it is hard move the materials from place to place. But everyone is doing their best.

The buildings are made from concrete blocks and cement mortar. We mix cement, sand, pebbles and water together to make the mortar.

Nearly every day after the morning training is over Yagi goes to see the progress of the camp. Even days that have been slow he likes to check it.

Our goal is that everyone has time for two meals a day, but there are times when we are able to have somebottlesof carbonate water and bread.

I will be giving more updates as the construction continues. It is going pretty well at the moment.